How to Begin the Online Home Search

First Steps

You’ve made your first step by visiting, a simply smarter way to search for your first or next home!

Now learn a little about the tools we offer and discover more ways to focus in on your ideal home. aims to make your results and experience more personal, to help you set the priorities that are important to you and your home search partner(s)! Innovations For Your Home Search Match

There’s more to finding the perfect home than just matching the right price and number of beds and baths. Our conversational search begins the search experience and easily navigates you to your ideal location, gives you insights into average area pricing, and allows you to intuitively select match criteria that matter to you most. With many match filters offering a “must-have” and “nice-to-have” option and ‘around’ option on pricing, your search results can surface more relevant listings than traditional search filters. To help you assess how close of a match each property comes to your criteria,  each home result has a clearly displayed match score which shows on a scale of 0-100 just how close your match is in meeting your personalized needs.

The search results page allows you to sort by match score, as well as more traditional sort orders (such as price), and our intelligent algorithms help you discover more properties through ‘close matches’ as well as expanding selection by noting limiting match criteria (e.g. “you could see more homes if you made ‘pool’ a nice-to-have”). Match really does offer a smarter search experience, which means you’ll find exactly what you want, and won’t miss out on homes you might like.

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